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Sonja Roth - Gym Owner

Sonja Roth – Gym owner

Sonja spends most of her time behind the scenes working on the running of the gym and making sure every member has the best possible experience. Her vision is to have a gym that combines friendliness and human interaction whilst getting fit and having fun. Sonja has a huge love for all things art and music. She is also ActivZone’s owner and would like you to contact her personally if you have any feedback for her.




Alicia has progressed her career and furthered her knowledge to ensure she can provide the best service possible to her clients. Now having been in the industry for a few years, she specialises in Exercise and Nutritional Interventions for Obesity and Diabetes and Pre and Post-natal exercise. Alicia is also ActivZone’s Gym manager, you will find her behind reception, on the gym floor teaching classes and helping members in the gym.




Tony started martial art at 6 years old; at 10 he also started football which he played at a semi-professional level. Sport has always been part of Tony’s life until a series of serious injuries left him without it for 4 years. This difficult period changed Tony’s life forever, while in rehabilitation Tony dedicated himself to learn as much as he could about wellness, optimal health, exercise and nutrition. Today, Tony is realizing his life purpose, using his experiences and knowledge to coach people in making positive changes.



Ejay found her love for fitness in 2012 after a long battle with anorexia. Currently training towards her Fitness Instructor qualification, she has a passion for weightlifting to create strong and feminine physiques and encourages women of all ages to use this as a life changing tool in their fitness journey and not be afraid of lifting heavy. Strong is the new skinny! Ejay is also our membership administrator, please do not hesitate to contact her regarding any membership queries.



Ollie has always been motivated to be the strongest version of himself, mentally and physically. Whether it’s been through sports or weight lifting and he has made it his mission to help others find their inner potential. Since injuries prevented him from playing football from the age of 16, he started to train in the gym. From there Ollie found his passion for fitness, which inspired him to do what he loves for a job. He specializes in Strength & conditioning but can cater for all goals whether sports specific or weight loss.




Gym Angels


Johnny has always been interested in all aspects of sport and fitness with a particular fondness for competitive football and weightlifting. Achieving personal goals along with helping others to reach targets has always been a love of his and will do anything he can to help you along. Fitness will always be a part of his life as he strives to be the best he can be. Johnny is our Wednesday Gym Angel.



Would you like to be one of our Gym Angels?

We are looking for friendly and helpful people who are interested in learning more about the fitness industry and our gym. Gym Angels should have a passion for fitness and be willing to help out at Activzone one evening a week between 5-9pm in return for free membership and our unending love an appreciation!

The role of a Gym Angel would be to meet and greet our members, socialise with them and help everyone feel at home and looked after, they would also watch the front desk and answer the phone while our instructors are busy training customers. If you are interested please email Sonja on sonja@activzone.co.uk or call us on 01483 448666.


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