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September… 9 whole months into the year, who’s started their CHRISTMAS shopping already? Haha, I joke, but seriously, how are we soo close to the end of the year already? MADNESS!

Speaking of madness, I find it pretty crazy that I have to start on little ‘downer’ however, it will get better I promise (Lets leave the best ‘til last & get the moaning out of the way 1st shall we?!)


So most of you are FABULOUS at giving your equipment a thorough going over once you’ve finished using it (and we HUGELY Thank-you for this), annnnnnd some of you, not so much.

This is your firm (nd hopefully final) reminder that all ‘touch points’ of the equipment you use MUST be thoroughly cleaned after you have used it.

Areas such as weight selections on the machines & attachment points on the cable pulleys are being missed.

It is VITAL that we all work together to the same standard to help stop and limit the risk and spread of infection.

Failure to comply with these simple instructions will result in a booking ban and in worse case, gym closure should a breakout of the virus occur. (and to be honest we don’t want to have to do either of those)


With sessions getting busier and fewer gym hours in the day, we are passionate about ensuring each and every one of you, our loyal members, gets the opportunity to book your sessions in.

To enable us to do this we need your cooperation and consideration when you’re unable to attend your sessions by cancelling at the earliest convenience.

Failure to cancel on the 1st occasion will result in an immediate 7 DAY BOOKING BAN.

This may seem harsh, however, with new members joining us daily and regulars alike all wanting to get their sessions in as hassle free as possible, strict measures have to be enforced.

Even if it is a last minute decision not to come, please just give us a call to let us know and we’ll take care of the cancellation for you.


Last of the bad news I promise… but it is with a heavy heart we have had to make the decision to CLOSE ActivZone early on Saturday afternoons with immediate effect.

Our opening hours / session times are now as follows;

MONDAY – THURSDAY; 06:00am 1st session - 19:30pm last session

FRIDAY; 06:00am 1st session – 12pm last session

SATURDAY-SUNDAY; 08:00am 1st session - 12:30pm last session


Woohoo on to the good stuff!!

It gives us great pleasure and sheer delight to welcome GRANT to the team!

Not only does Grant bring a breath of fresh air to AZ with his no prisoners approach to fitness & healthy lifestyle but he also brings a fabulous shiny new membership!

AZ’s gone PREMIUM with a Personal Training Membership.

Inclusive of:

*4x 1 hour 1-2-1 Personal Training sessions per month (1 per week, usually £50p/h)

*Group Personal Training Sessions (average £10 per class)

*Full access to ActivZone Gym (min. £21.99p/m)

Sounds a bit of alright doesn’t it? We think so too!

Get in touch with the team & let’s get you upgraded & PREMIUM!


Ever wondered what the little people in your life think the reason you go to the gym is?

Is mummy a secret super hero that has to work on her super strength to keep the baddies away whilst they sleep?

Or does Granddad go to make his muscles MAHOOSIVE so that Grandma still cooks him his favourite breakfast every Sunday?

Well we want to know! We LOVE how children’s minds work and how their imaginations run wild.

So, get them to put pen to paper, draw us a picture or write us a simple paragraph, & without putting ideas in their heads ask them ‘why do I go to the gym?’

Upload their drawings/creative writing on to one of our social media pages and the best one will WIN a £50.00 SMIGGLE VOUCHER courtesy of ActivZone. Remember to tag us so that we don’t miss your entry!

It’s all for a bit of fun & to share a little innocent positivity. Because let’s face it, there is nothing more innocent then a child’s imagination!

We look forward to seeing you all in the gym soon,

Ejay and the AZ team.

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