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Well summer is almost here, between the dreary days, and we are almost Covid free, s

o we can start looking forward to more gym and getting into shape for those holidays.

Although we are almost out of the woods, some restrictions still remain until July and we will be retaining some of the practices adopted over the past few months.

  1. Cleaning of equipment is still important, so please continue to clean your equipment after use.

  2. We will continue to disinfect the gym regularly so that we keep you safe and the environment Covid free.

  3. Showers and change rooms are back in full use, so please ensure you use the lockers for your kit and are more than welcome to shower after your workout.

  4. The booking system will remain in place with the 1 hour and 25 min slots, as this works well to keep the sessions from getting overfull and helps us manage the classes.

When it comes to the booking system, guys please ensure that you book on for a class or session and also ensure that YOU CANCEL YOUR BOOKING OFF THE SYSTEM if you are not going to make it. All the classes are now full with waiting list and if you do not cancel the person on the waiting list can not take your spot. SO please be courteous to your fellow members by cancelling off the system long before the class if you are not attending.

The club used to ban members for not honoring their bookings, however, I will not implement this as I feel we can be courteous and respect our fellow members.

Monthly challenge

As you all know by now, we have started monthly challenges in the gym, with the first one (running from the 15th June to the 15th July) the sled push.

This includes two levels:

Level 1 - Pushing your Body weight and a half 12 meters as quick as possible.

Level 2 - Pushing your Body weight x2 8 meters as quickly as possible.

So far the quickest time for Level 1 is - 11.1 seconds and for Level 2 - under 9 seconds.

These challenges are there so you give it a go and challenge yourself to better your score during the give it a go guys.

Next months challenge will be a cardio fitness challenge, so get ready for the next one on the 15th July.


Morning classes have also changed to 45 min high intensity classes given by Grant, Alicia and Alvin.

Monday - Boxfit - 6:30 - Grant/ Alvin

Tuesday - Spin - 6:30 - Alicia

Wednesday - Circuit - 6:30 - Grant

Thursday - Spin - 6:30 - Alicia

Friday - Boxfit - 6:30 - Grant

Additionally, we have finalised our small group training classes for the Premium Plus members, which are offered on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays @ 7:30am. These classes are designed as small group personal training sessions as additions to your weekly program.

Remember get results, you have to commit to at least 4 days a week either doing classes or gym sessions :)

Ladies lifting club

As many of you attend this you will know the advantages of being part of this exclusive club. For those of you that don't attend this, all I have to say is come see it for yourself.

This is the only time we close the gym to ladies who want to feel comfortable in the weight section of the gym...and quite frankly guys, every lady should be using the weight section to help develop muscle for a toned body.

The session is hosted by Emily Dodd, who is not only a very qualified powerlifter, personal trainer and pole dance instructor, but also represents the UK in competitive lifting.

Bookings are done via phone & in-club only.

Club updates

  • We just purchased a few more spin bikes so that everyone can try to get into the packed classes. For now, please try to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

  • We will have new staff joining us for July, so please check the coffee wall for their profiles and experience.

Promotions for the month

This month we will be running two campaigns:

1. The 'invite a friend or relative to the gym to join up' campaign. If you bring someone along for one free trial session and they join the gym, we will give you a free personal training session for yourself.

2. The chance to upgrade to the Premium Plus membership with your first two months free. Upgrade to Premium Plus and get 2 months on us.


Congratulations to Carley Simpson for winning the online June give away!

As always guys we Thank you for taking few minutes out of your day to catch up with us here, please remember that this email is a no-reply address so any queries regarding your gym or membership please email Ejay directly at

See you all soon

Grant & your slightly bigger & better AZ Team

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