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Hello Everyone & welcome to ActivZone's June Newsletter! It’s good to be

back… Well, kind of back, still kind of off but back working away behind the

scenes :’D

It’s been an interesting last few months, huge changes to everyone’s lives,

daily routines and living conditions & even though ActivZone has been closed,

we’ve been busy behind those locked doors working away preparing to bring

you back to the best ActivZone yet! Here’s what’s been happening…


Alicia has been social distancing all alone in the gym to bring a new floor plan

to ActivZone. A better layout leads to a better workout!

More space, new training zones & a much more functional looking &

working gym! We’ve still a few tweaks here & there to make, but we figured

we’ve still a little more time to play around & get it ‘just right’ before we let

you guys loose on it!


A seriously deep clean is in full progress along with a good repair & a fresh lick

of paint!

Sonja has been giving the gym a good sand down, filling all the holes, mending

pillars & skirtings & repainting to ensure not a grubby hand print or paint flake

is in sight. All ready for when the industrial cleaning company come in to deep

clean & sanitize your club ready for our grand re-opening!


A clean gym is a healthy gym! & for all our benefits, we have put in a few

stronger health & hygiene requirements to help keep you happy, healthy &

safe on your return to ActivZone.

These changes will also include our new terms of usage so be sure

to keep your eyes peeled & not miss it.


As you may have seen, were running our annual sunflower competition slightly

different this year.

We’ve already had quite a few entries but there is still time to take part!

All you have to do is plant your sunflower seed FREE to collect from ActivZone's

doors, take a picture & post to one of our ActivZone Facebook pages & grow

your flower as tall as you can using any method you like!

Competition closes end of September, to qualify you must also send us your

final entry picture measuring from the soil to top of the flower using a tape


The entry with the tallest flower wins 1 YEAR FREE MEMBERSHIP!

Upload your progress pics and lets get some healthy competition going!


Are you the owner of an independent small business? Feeling a little lonely in

these uncertain times? Fancy getting together once this lockdown allows?

Then get in touch with Sonja via, lets see what we can

do for you!


We’d like to finish this months newsletter by saying a huge THANK-YOU to

everyone who has continued to support ActivZone during these incredibly

tough times.

We are forever grateful for your generosity & goodwill at a time when

community spirit & support is truly felt & appreciated.

We’ve always shouted about how ActivZone has thee BEST members in

Guildford & now, more than ever, we really mean it!

Thank you, everyone!

It’s been wonderful to write my 1 st newsletter in almost a year!

I’ve really missed it & missed YOU! I cant wait to catch up again with you all &

meet our new faces once ‘all this’ is over.

Stay safe everyone,

Ejay & the AZ Team x

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