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Hello! & Welcome to ActivZones Newsletter for April 2021! I know it's been long awaited but we have so muh to share with you now & we are all looking forward to welcoming you back to ActivZone over the next few weeks! THE ZONE opening This week marks the return of all of our members, when we open our outdoor area THE ZONE, from the 30th March for the summer period. With lockdowns almost over and outdoor gyms being allowed to open to members, we have put together a fully packed line up for you guys; from Strength, Stretch, HIIT, Box, Spin, Yoga and many more classes from 6:30am in the morning to 7:45pm in the evening. Please find the program* attached, which you can find on the usual gym booking system for all to join. Please note some of the classes are subject to change and a 3 minimum participation is required for the instructor to run the class. *Please note; Classes & Class Instructors are subject to change ActivZone Gym opening Gyms open on the 12th APRIL we hope to see all of you back in the gym for some personal care and attention to restart your journey to become a better you. Summer classes Indoor classes will only resume mid may, but as we get into summer, we will be embracing our outdoor area The Zone right through summer with a fully packed program. We will expand on the existing Outdoor program by adding specialised instructors and some friendly familiar faces to the line up. So please check the gym system and communication online and in the gym for updates and exciting news. Communication and updates from ActivZone It has been very frustrating trying to find a platform by which we can communicate with all you guys at once... This is due to the legislation and generic options to opt out of communication from ActivZone, meaning that some of you guys have blocked the newsletter and other communication channels from us.. Now guys, we understand the need to stop irrelevant mailing lists, but ActivZone are not in the business of mass mailing or bombarding you with irrelevant info. What we would like is a consensus on how updates are communicated and would like you to get in contact with us (via to get put back on the mailing list and update your email addresses please, as this is very important that you are kept up-to-date with vital gym info. We would also like to invite you to join all the Social platforms if you have not already, as much of the updates are posted on these sites. Facebook - ActivZone Gym & ActivZone Virtual Insta - @activzone_gym Linkedin - Activzone gym New updates To update you on the coronavirus opening plans going forward: 1. The outdoor gym will be open from the 30th March and function throughout summer. 2. The gym will officially open on the 12th April for all members 3. Gym times will be as per usual: mon-thursday 6am -9pm/ friday 6am -6pm/ Sat 8am -2pm/ Sunday 8am - 2pm. 4. Indoor classes will only be allowed from mid May, However outdoor classes will be as usual. Coffee station Most of you know about the changes made in December with the new management, the addition of the seating area and AZ Gym merchandise. Therefore, we are excited to announce the inclusion of our automated take away coffee station for members and personal trainers. This will be a welcome addition for those who like a little chat and linger after their workouts... Deals As we get back into the swing of things, we want to offer you guys the opportunity to take advantage of some specials for April and May. So for the months of April and May, we will be running the following deals: 1. Introduce a friend to the gym - if they sign up, you get 5 free personal training sessions. 2. Upgrade from Premium to Premium PLUS Membership and get two months on Premium Plus at your premium price. Members vouchers When we went into lockdown in Dec, We offered all members who continued to pay their membership a voucher for 1 person for the period we were closed. We will be honoring these during the second half of April by checking the info and sending out correspondence to the guys who were kind enough to keep us ticking over through the lockdowns. We say a big thankyou and will endeavor to always look after you guys... Personal training specials A personal note of congratulations, we would like to congratulate Claudia for getting her full personal trainer qualification a few months ago....well done Claudia. To celebrate this, we will be running a Personal Training special for the month of April and May. Get 10 PT sessions for £ 250* this is only for members. So take advantage of getting back into shape with an Activzone personal trainer. Winners of competitions We congratulate Sam Smith for winning the free Zone voucher. Are you ready to return to your club? Are you ready to return but your membership is FROZEN? Or feel you're not quite on the right membership for your new needs after the lockdown? Don't panic, simply drop Ejay an Email at & she'll help you unfreeze/upgrade & get you back in the gym & The Zone in no time! As always don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. We are here to help. (Please note, this is an unmanned mailbox, please contact Ejay directly & do not reply directly to this newsletter) We look forward to seeing you all back in your Gym soon Regards The AZ Team

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