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ActivZone Newsletter October 2020 Hello October! I love what the start of this month brings, autumn leaves, crisp mornings, cozy nights & the start of all things autumn/winter & festivities! I’m a winter girl me, give me winter clothes & bonfires over bikinis and sweltering heat any day! Let’s take a look at what’s in-club this month… GOODBYE 1 & HELLO 2 Sadly, at the end of last month, we said a very emotional GOODBYE to our long standing member of staff & manager Alicia, who has spread her wings to do her own thing. She will be HUGELY missed by staff & members alike after spending an impressive 8+ years with us here at ActivZone. But when one door closes ActivZone opens 2 more with the arrival of 2 new members of staff, GEORGIE & MOLLY! You lovely lot will be able to meet & get to know these 2 ladies Mondays-Thursdays 6am-4pm NEW STAFF = ANOTHER NEW MEMBERSHIP & NEW CLASS TIMETABLE That’s right, you heard it here 1st, its official! Our new staff also bring another shiny new membership which includes a new class timetable! Your new class timetable, for the time being, will be limited BUT over the coming weeks/months we will be looking to add more variety, & with your feedback, we will get a class timetable together that works for you, the members! As it currently stands, commencing 27th Sept’20: MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS 06:30AM-07:15AM STRONG ZUMBA WITH GEORGIE- This is not just for the ladies, let me explain:  Stop counting the reps. Start training to the beat. STRONG Nation™ combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. Every beat has a move. And every move has a beat. The music in STRONG Nation™ was reverse-engineered so that every squat, every lunge, every move is perfectly synced to the music, making your workout more efficient than ever. FRIDAYS 06:30AM-07:15AM ACTIVBOX WITH GRANT – You’ve all done this before (Well, most of you), but we’ve got Grant wearing the gloves now so be prepared for a whole new experience at ActivBOX! SATURDAYS 08:00AM-9:00AM ACTIVBOOTCAMP WITH GRANT – Come rain or shine (Maybe not snow!) BOOTCAMP Saturdays are here to push you to your limits and beyond! SUNDAYS 09:30AM-10:15AM ACTIVSPIN WITH GRANT – It’s back! One of our most popular classes of the past has returned to grace ActivZones members with all the glory of sweat, music, spin bikes and happy but exhausted faces! Has Grant got what it takes to have you up out of your seat & back down again, & up, & down, & up…. You get my drift Do you want to get involved? Get booked in? Get Activ’? It’s EASY! Simply email me at  to…. UPGRADE to our Premium PT Gym Membership for just £59.99 a month & receive full access to Gym, ALL Classes, plus 4x 1 HOUR PT SESSIONS & much much more! OR upgrade to our Premium Class Membership for only £34.99 a month to receive your BASIC entry & ALL class access! YOUR BUSINESS IS OUR BUSINESS At ActivZone, we take pride in getting to know our members on a personal level & in this case we really want to know YOUR business! Noooo not in the nosey ‘tell me what you had for dinner on Tuesday 2nd December 1969’sense. But on the professional ‘What business do you own?’ level. Let us share your business, here, in our newsletter & in return share your Gym, ActivZone, with your clients/customers & lets support each other! This months member business shout out goes to Kim Barden of Anxiety Angel Surrey. Kim says:” At Anxiety Angel Surrey, our goal is to help people get their lives back on track. No problem is too trivial because we have the right form of treatment and therapy available to help you face your problem and deal with it in the most effective way.” Contact Kim on & 07771 631 614 Thank you all for taking the time to read this months newsletter & for your lovely feedback regarding previous newsletters. You’re all too kind! I hope to see a few more of your faces in club again soon, but if you need any more info regarding any of the above mentioned then please do not hesitate to drop me an email See you soon Ejay - AZ

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