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November 2020 NEWSLETTER


In a world where at present everything is forever changing, ActivZone isn’t one not to follow suit.

We’re changing too, evolving even, in to something greater, more ‘on trend’ & more in demand than ever before!

With change brings excitement, but it also requires an element of trust that ActivZone can & will provide you, our members, with the quality, variety & standard you deserve in regards to your training regime.

However, this means you guys taking a leap of faith, to let go of ActivZone as you previously knew it, & stand by us as you have many times before, as we upgrade & transform under the wings of new management.

Things may never be the same again. We’ve come to the realization that Covid-19 will be here for the foreseeable future & this is why with the support & guidance of our new behind the scenes team, we took the plunge & grabbed the opportunity to bring you a whole new ActivZone Gym experience.

This will bring a huge membership overhaul, creating premium packages like no other to guarantee you exceptional results & no excuses.

Whilst this will take time to finalise & is very much a work in progress with actual physical changes coming soon, we must take this moment to send huge THANKS again to you all, for your undeniable support, commitment to your gym and staying safe whilst visiting ActivZone.

Our limited numbers & booking system will remain in situ for some time to come, giving us (The AZ Staff) the opportunity to offer you a safer more personalized service via our new daily Group Training timetable.

More sessions will be added to this timetable in due course, whilst we manage safety in numbers inside your gym.

Premium Group Training sessions are as follows:

Monday 06;45 – 07;15am ActivHIIT

Tuesday 06;45 – 07;15am ActivABS

Wednesday 06;45 – 07;15am ActivKETTLEBELL

Thursday 06;45 – 07;15 ActivFULL-BODY-STRENGTH

Friday 06;30 - 07;15 ActivBOX

Saturday 08;00 – 09;00am BOOTCAMP

Sunday 09;30 -10;15 ActivSPIN

All of these Premium Group Training sessions are available for you all to book under your new higher price plan.


Have you misplaced anything in ActivZone since we re-opened? I think quite a few of you have, as our Lost Property Box is now BURSTING at the seams!

But please be quick if you think you may have left us a little something on your visits & would like it back, as Sonja will be donating all unclaimed items to CHARITY in the next few weeks. Once it’s gone, it’s gone… to a good cause though 😊

Whilst we know times are already unsettling & change can sometimes enforce this more so, we want you guys to know that we are here for you, to support our members in the best way we know how. Keeping you fit & healthy at a time in our lives where this is more important than ever.

We’re all in this together & we will grow together in new & exciting ways.

I look forward to catching up with you all soon, but should you need any help or have any questions in regards to your memberships, please contact me directly via

Ejay & The AZ Team x

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