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We start off by welcoming all of you guys back to the gym and to classes over the last 2 weeks, it has been fantastic to see you all again, to catch up and settle into normality. It's been a great first 2 weeks with full gym sessions and brimming class attendance. We also want to take this opportunity to welcome our 55 new members, both brand new and members returning after a lengthy absence, who have joined up in April - welcome to the family or back to the family.


As you are aware, we will be keeping the booking system for members and classes for the upcoming months while certain restrictions are in place, so please be mindful of your bookings and try to plan ahead. The showers are back in use in limited capacity, so please just check with the duty manager whether you are all ok to proceed. Cleaning of equipment and the disinfecting of the gym after each session will possibly remain indefinitely, as it's just good practice.


Classes are currently being done outside at the Zone area and will continue throughout the summer season outdoors. However, as of the 17th May indoor classes can take place and that means we may alternate by offering some classes indoors while others will be outdoors. Just a reminder that our evening class line up includes classes by Alicia (Master trainer and teacher) and Alvin (Trainer, boxer and class wizard) Again guys, classes do get booked up quite quickly so please book early and ho

nor your bookings.

Please see the lineup for the month of May


We are excited at the uptake of the Premium plus membership and would like to explain it a little more, as we get many inquiries about this membership. The premium plus membership basically offers you as a member the opportunity to get a PT (Grant/ Claudia) assigned to you to assist you in realising and reaching your goals, through specialised programs and dietary guidance. The package offers an assessment of where you are and also how to get to where you what to be, as well as 4 personal training sessions and small group classes, which would cost around £250 a month if you booked it individually .... a great way to get a trainer and still do your own thing.


1. Great class line up with new classes - please note Yoga is now on a Wed evening and a Sat morning

2. The introduction of a women only lifting class - by professional lifter Emily Dodd. We close the gym to women only for these classes so that you can wear what you feel comfortable in and just be yourself while you learn the benefits of the weight section3. LIVE DJ - on Thursday evenings we will have a live DJ playing in the gym from 5pm to 8pm to create a great workout vibe. She will also be mixing tracks for our classes and mix live music during indoor spin classes ...this is going to be great fun, so come along and lets see if we can do it three times a week

4. Automatic commercial coffee machine - as some of you know, we have been waiting for the installation of a coffee machine for members and trainers and should have this in place soon - so get ready to kick start your day with coffee at the gym


Now that things are finally getting back to normal, it's time for us to get the last few remaining members still on the student rate back to the standard one.

We know that due to Covid Sonja very kindly reduced the rate down to the student rate for the last year and that many of you continued to support the gym through these months.

We are also aware that almost all of you were on the standard rate before Covid and we now have to take this opportunity to ask you to return to the standard rate.

As you guys are aware, during the last 4 months we did include a compensation for the period, so that no one would have wasted their contribution during the last closure period. Therefore, as of the 1st June all members still on the direct debit rate of £21.99, will increase up to our lowest rate of £35/pm (unless you are a student of Guildford college or Surrey Uni).

Memberships available are:

£22/pm student of Guildford College or Surrey Uni

£35/pm premium - Standard rate

£70/pm premium plus - Full personal training membership

Please don't hesitate to speak to the Ejay via if you have any questions about your membership.


We have been working on developing the virtual platform into a proper online business and will be launching the new virtual business this month. This will replace the Facebook Virtual platform as it will have links in the website and sperate logins for members to enjoy class videos, new uploads, tips, workouts and other beneficial info. This will allow you to take the gym with you or connect anywhere and do a workout at anytime.


For May we will be running a competition for the most consistent member - consistency is key in achieving your goals, so the members attending the most sessions in May will get a free sports massage for all their efforts.


Lastly, we would ask you to be so kind as to rate the gym on google so that we can continue to build the best gym in Guildford.

Once again thanks for reading & we look forward to seeing you all in club & in class soon

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