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One of the most inspiring things is to share and read the stories of others.  We are all at some stage or another facing our own battles, and we'd like to share our staff and members' personal stories to help both the reader and the writers.  There is a cathartic feeling in sharing; we hope you will read, enjoy and support their journeys.  If you'd like to be part of this process please send us a message. 
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JaneBlackbeard- Powick

You were an Ironman...

Looking at me now, you'd not think that at the end of 2018 I did a fantastic feat of finishing a long-distance triathlon!  Due to injury a bit of laziness and a host of lockdown anxieties I kept my head firmly in the cookie jar and paid the price 10kg later.


I'm spending this year, lockdown or not, working for my ideal weight loss of 20kg.  My journey starts now.

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