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ActivZones Newsletter October 2018

Another month, another fabulous newsletter from the best gym in Guildford… YOURS!

Personally, October-December is my favourite time of year. Especially October, with the leaves turning, the sun still shining but that crisp start to the days, It’s just so cosy!

& with another new month brings another new team member ready to sink their teeth into your classes & group personal training sessions!

Don’t worry, we’ve not lost anyone, we’ve just expanded a little to give you all a bit more variety to your workouts.

So, let’s reveal them…


You may have already seen this fine young lady training exceptionally hard around ActivZone to grow & sculpt her way to being the best version of herself.

She may be small but this young lady is a mini-beast in the gym & is eager to help anyone with a fitness dream to turn it into a reality!

Introducing Claudia Pala!!

Claudia can be found taking Monday & Tuesday Morning Classes alongside GOLD weekend group Personal Training


We hate to take a days training away from you all, but at the same time everyone deserves 1 day off! & we’re sure you’ll appreciate the reasons why.

ActivZone will be CLOSED SUNDAY 21st OCTOBER 

This is due to a well deserved DEEP CLEAN!

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but rest assured ActivZone will be re-open at 06:30am Monday 22nd October.


Some of you may have already noticed it, you may have seen our Facebook/Instagram post (if not then you really should pop over to our pages & give us a LIKE/FOLLOW to save you from missing out again 😉 )

But we have a fab new Bar, inclusive of 4 stools, for you guys to sit & catch up with your gym buddies, have a snack, await your PT session or just have a well-deserved rest after your hard training session.


Over the summer/college closure we had a little break from the colleges parking wardens.

It’s now time for their return!! We know that parking within our usual spaces has been a bit tough of late, but the team are now back to take control of this.

We must STRONGLY remind you that parking for ActivZone Gym is now ONLY permitted within MARKED VISITORS BAYS & the spaces immediately outside ActivZones doors.

You MUST sign-in on the parking sign-in screen/books on EVERY VISIT, & parking within disabled spaces is only permitted for blue badge holders.

ActivZone cannot be held responsible for any tickets issued (via post) for invalid parking/failure to sign in.

We understand that there will still be busier times at the college, & ask that if there is a shortage of spaces, to please be patient & await a space to become available.

ActivZone & our members do not have rights over the spaces available as they are for ALL visitors to the college.

Sometimes I do have to question myself if I ramble to much?! But then I remember, its all relevant & I’m sure a few of you would put me in my place if I wasn’t getting the points across 😊

Have a great October guys!

See you all in club soon

Best wishes

Ejay & your AZ Team x

ActivZone’s September Newsletter’18

As we roll into September we also welcome the 1st official day of Autumn! We know you all have worked so hard to burn off those previous winters calories to reveal your summer bodies, now is no time to stop! Keep up the hard work & get ready to shine amongst the slightly duller weather!

This month brings you a smaller newsletter but full of BIG news…



Sadly, September brings the end of Georges time with us ☹ ! As George sets off to university we will miss having him as part of our team! We’ve watched his confidence within himself & his chosen career grow immensely & we know you guys have loved having him teach you aswell.

We’ll look forward to seeing him popping in during his uni breaks & eagerly await his return in the future! GOOD LUCK George!



Yes, that’s right, our external personal trainer Alvin now joins the ActivZone Team!

Alvin will be taking over George’s shifts on a Thursday Evenings & Sundays! So your evening classes & weekend group PT sessions will take on another new lease of life!


WINNER WINNER (Chicken dinner?!):

No, no! No dinners here but we do have a winner!

The ActivZone YOUvsSUNFLOWER competition has come to an end & we have a WINNER to announce…

With unbelievable growing technique & some very talented green fingers, reaching an incredible 265cms was our wonderful member (& taking one for the girls!) CAROLINE HILL!!!

CONGRATULATIONS Caroline, you’ve won yourself 1 YEAR GOLD Membership absolutely FREE!

Well done to all who took part, the competition was sooo close this year! You all did amazing & we look forward to you taking part again next year!




We don’t like to mention the festive ‘C’ word too soon, however, we do know it’s only 17 more Fridays until the BIG day!! Whoop whoop!!

So, we thought we’d offer a little helping hand to get those gift ideas under way.

Young or Old, we think everyone deserves the opportunity to be fit & healthy.

So why not purchase a 3 Month GOLD Membership (including a small welcome pack FREE) from reception & give someone the gift of a fitter start to 2019!

3 MONTH GOLD GIFT PACKS* can be purchased from reception at the AMAZING price of just £99!

*Please note that this is a non-refundable membership purchase & is only available to those over the age of 1


That’s a wrap! Enjoy that last of the sunshine whilst it lasts, We’ll look forward to seeing you all in club again throughout Autumn!


Ejay & The AZ Team x

ActivZone’s Newsletter August’18

Welcome to Augusts edition of your ActivZone newsletter. Its going to be a scorcher! We’ve got some hot new updates for you this month….



Launching TODAY (Monday 30th July’18) is our new Class Timetable! It’s on FIRE!!!

Packed full of even more & a few brand-new classes each week! Check out the new line up on your mobile (after you’ve finished reading this newsletter of course) at ‘activzone.clubm.mobi’ or www.activzone.co.uk !!



Because our GOLD weekend Personal Training Sessions are hot, Hot, HOT, we’ve had to make it more accessible for everyone to get their slots!

So, weekend personal training sessions are now allocated to 3 people per half hour & the 30 minute sessions will be session planned. You can book into the session of your choice at the allocated time & be joined by 2 other GOLD members who share the same training interests as you!

The sessions will be allocated into the following groups: CORE, UPPER BODY, LOWER BODY, HIIT, FULL-BODY.

Simply ask the team what times are allocated to each session to book yours.



With the new class timetable launching & containing a few sizzling new classes, we’re super excited to show the world of social media what we’ve got to offer!

As a courtesy notice to all our fabulous members who will be taking part, we will be LIVE STREAMING our classes throughout August!

If you do not wish to be caught in the filming, please let the team know & we will ensure not to catch you during the live stream.



At ActivZone, we like to keep things running as smoothly as possible to ensure your time with us is as stress free & enjoyable as you would expect from the friendliest gym in Guildford!

To enable this to stay consistent, we’ve had a bit of a staff shift change up.

Your Admin & Management Team (Ejay & Alicia) will now be available Monday-Friday 9am-7pm to assist you with all your Membership queries. (ie: freezing, cancelling, payment queries, upgrades, concerns & feedback etc)

Please note that our Fitness instructors/Personal training staff (Ollie, James & George) are unable to assist with any membership queries over the weekend/outside of these hours but are of course able to assist in any gym related help & weekend PT/class bookings.


If you require assistance with any membership queries outside of the above-mentioned hours, please do not hesitate to Email Ejay@activzone.co.uk or Alicia@activzone.co.uk who will respond as soon as possible.



Wonderful, now I have your attention… FREE Personal Training for every video review!

Yep, it’s that simple! Ask the team to film your review on the best, most friendly, fun & amazing ActivZone Gym & in return you’ll receive a FREE 30min Personal Training session!

We will use each & every review on our social media platforms & website. After all, there is no better way of us showing the people of Guildford (& surrounding areas) how fabulous we are, than by YOU telling them!



Are you looking for time efficient sessions, keeping you challenged, and a trainer that is flexible to accommodate your busy schedule?


I am a newly appointed Activzone staff member with a love for fitness, and a confident and upbeat training approach to keep you motivated. Contact georgepbarrass@gmail.com for more info.



£35 for 1hr,

£20 for 30mins, and then

4X 1hr sessions for £120


Ejay & The Team

ActivZone’s Newsletter JULY’18

 Welcome to July’s issue of your ActivZone Newsletter!

This month we’re full of newness!

Shiny new News for all! How exciting!


It brings us great pleasure & pride to welcome & introduce to you all our shiny new member of the team & newly qualified Personal Trainer GEORGE! **Round of applause please**

Some of you will have been lucky enough to have already met this lovely young man over the last year or so as George was our Monday evening Gym Angel whilst he was gaining his Personal Training Qualifications.

Now all trained up & ready to train YOU, George will be taking the reins off James for our Sunday Morning Personal Training Sessions for our GOLD Members!

GOLD PT with George will be available from the Sunday 8th July 8am-1pm! You are Welcome 😉

(You can also speak to George about booking in your own private sessions as George will be looking to build his new client base within ActivZone & will be happy to discuss his future PT plans with you!)


This brings us on to our next exciting piece of weekend Personal Training News

As George will be hosting Sundays, James & Ollie will BOTH be training our GOLD Members on a Saturday… Which means MORE TRAINING HOURS AVAILABLE! **Insert cheers & woops here**

Our new GOLD Personal Training Hours will be as follows (as of Saturday 7th July’18):

SATURDAYS 10am-12:30 with Ollie

SATURDAYS 1pm-5pm with James

SUNDAYS 8am-1pm George


Get yourselves into a spinning frenzy!! We’ve got a delivery of 12 BRAND NEW SPIN BIKES landing in the ActivZone near you (by near you, we obviously mean the best and one-&-only ActivZone Guildford), ETA Thursday 5th July!

More bikes mean more availability for your classes… (I may even hint that there could be a new class timetable with the possibility of more classes coming your way too in the not so distant future!) So even more chance to get yourselves in a spin over these new bikes! Just be careful not to make yourselves dizzy! ;-P


Sadly, the competition entries date has now passed. Which means the race is ON for all participants to grow your sunflowers to the best of your ability!

We will be contacting all who are taking part to let you know your final measurement date, but competition ends at the end of September when we will have gathered all proof pictures with final measurements!! Now, go use this fantastic weather to your advantage & GET YOUR GROW ON!!

O.M.G!! All this newness mixed with the beautiful weather we’ve been having has made us super excited for JULY!

Keep your eyes peeled for all that’s set to come, although I’m sure we won’t let you miss a thing!

See y’all soon!

Ejay & the slightly larger AZ Team x

ActivZone Newsletter June 2018

Surprise!! I know we said we wouldn’t be able to, but we’ve managed to sneak back into your inboxes one last time! Aren’t you lucky!

Some changes are happening within your Gym this month & a few exciting competitions coming up for you all to take part in…


Class Timetable:

Your class timetable is having a minor change up…

As of TUESDAY 29th May, your 7am SPIN CLASS with Alicia will be CANCELLED.

Taking its place will be James & a HIIT Class from 7am-7:30am.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but spinners do not fear, Ollie’s 7am SPIN Thursdays & Tony’s 8am SPIN Saturdays are running as usual!

We’d also like to bring your attention that due to staff holiday there may be a few small changes to your Class Timetable end of June/beginning of July, please check your Timetable app activzone.clubm.mobi for updates.


Bank Holiday Reminder:

We’re OPEN BANK HOLIDAYS! Woop woop!!

A gentle reminder that we’re open reduced hours & that no Programmes or Classes are available to book.


We look forward to seeing you in club, no excuses! (Unless the weather’s nice & you’re off for a nice lunch, then we’ll let you off!)


You vs Sunflower Competition:

June is the last month to purchase your Sunflower seeds from reception to be in with a chance of winning 1 YEAR FREE MEMBERSHIP! (& to set the 12-week change challenge for yourself!)

Seed packs are just £3 for 3 seeds, which is 3x the chance of winning!

Imagine winning £330 worth of Membership for simply growing a flower with the change in your pocket!

What have you got to lose?!


World Cup Sweepstake:

It’s back! The ActivZone world cup sweepstake!

32 Teams, £2 a team…. That’s a winning pot of up to £64*!! (*number of participants depending)

Pick your team at random at reception & let the fun begin!


GDPR Permission Email Response:

I’m sure you’ve all had 100’s of Emails from various companies asking you to ‘opt-in’ to stay subscribed.

& we know we had already spoken to a number of you who kindly gave us verbal consent to stay in contact.

Sadly, we have had to go down the Email route too, so you may have noticed one in your Email inboxes from us.

We are aware that once you have clicked on the link to ‘opt-in’ that it states it is for Marketing, unfortunately this is very misleading as this is something ActivZone prides itself on not doing… no marketing, no ‘junk email’.

Please do ‘opt-in’ for ‘marketing’ if you would like us to stay in contact.

We cannot stress enough that we will not send Marketing/junk emails/texts, but this option simply gives us permission to stay in contact with you. It’s just worded incorrectly.

Obviously, if you do not wish for us to keep in contact then please feel free to opt out (we can’t lie though, we will miss you!), but in order for us to help where needed in regards to any membership problems that may occur, we need your permission to be able to do so.

If you would like us to send the permissions Email again, please ask Alicia or Ejay who will be happy to get that over to you.


Thank-you for taking the time to read your Monthly Newsletter!

Any questions or feedback as always are greatly received.


See you all soon,

Ejay & The AZ Team


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