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ActivZone Newsletter June 2019

June marks the half way point of the year & means we’re due a change up. We have a few exciting changes coming your way this month.

First up….


As most of you know by now, Ejay is leaving us for 6 months!

Taking off the summer & rest of the year to have some much-needed family time.

“I’ve genuinely loved working with the team & being able to meet & get to know so many wonderful members of ActivZone has been a pleasure. I look forward to my return in January 2020. I will still be in ActivZone regularly to catch up & workout alongside you all! My last day is Friday 14th June, so I’m not going anywhere just yet! You can’t get rid of me that easily 😉 “


With Ejay leaving, we had to make sure that someone stepping into her shoes (not that anyone can fit her tiny size 2’s!) was of equal if not better standards… & we think we’ve found just the lady for the job!

Introducing ***IZZY LUCEK***

Izzy is already very familiar with ActivZone as she has been training her own personal training clients with us for a few months now. Working alongside Ejay & Alicia for the 1st few weeks learning the ropes, until she starts her own shifts later on in the month.

We think she’s going to fit in just fine with all you lovely members on board to make her feel welcome & help her to look after you as she settles into her new role at ActivZone.


So, we know that the hot & general water supply has been a little ‘hit & miss’ over the last month (of which we sincerely apologise for) but FINALLY the college are taking action to fix the root cause of the problem.

However, this means that to do so means having to carry out major mains repair works which again means that there will be no water supply to ActivZone for 1 day only!

***SATURDAY 1ST JUNE’19*** ActivZone will have zero running water. This includes no flushing toilets, no showers & no drinking water supply!

We are being supplied with porta-loos which will be situated in the visitors carpark, but please, Please, PLEASE bring adequate drinking water with you for the duration of your session.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but please know that these mains repairs need to be carried out to stop any further future disruption.


Old news huh? Well maybe, but we’ve made it a little easier as we know a few were having problems with booking via the weblink on your mobile browser.

Now you can book via our website! Simply scroll down to the class timetable and book on to your chosen classes. Simple!

Any problems, as always, please just let us know & we can get it fixed asap


June also marks the last month for you to buy your £3 sunflower seeds & be in with the chance of winning 1 YEAR FREE GOLD MEMBERSHIP worth £349.00!

What are you all waiting for?? All you have to do is:

Buy your sunflower pack

Plant them

Feed them

Help them to stand up tall as they grow

Send us your proof pictures at the end of your personal 12 weeks & if you’ve grown the tallest flower YOU WIN!!

You lot are CRAZY if you don’t take part, you’ve probably got £3 in loose change just rolling around in your cars! What have you got to lose?…


This one makes me smile 😊 I personally have fond memories of this particular member from when she first started with us & used to come to early morning circuits with me, watching her confidence in herself & her ability to exercise grow & improve was great to see & be a part of.

She took a short break away from ActivZone but has now returned & has got straight back into booking her classes & making the most of her gold membership with us.

It gives me great pleasure to award Member of the Month to…

***EMMA . S***

Congratulations Emma, your consistency with your workouts & class attendance has not gone unnoticed. It really is a pleasure having you back as part of our ActivZone family!

Wow, what a month! Busy, busy, busy! But fab, as usual!

A little bit sad to be signing off my last Newsletter to you all for 6 months, but I’m sure the girls will do just fine in taking over & keeping you all up to date in my absence.

Take care, keep up the good work & I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Ejay (& the AZ Team x)

ActivZone Newsletter May 2019

Welcome to May’s edition of your ActivZone Newsletter!

This month we’re focusing on launching flowers & winning members… or is it launching members & winning flowers? (Amazing how removing a few commers changes an entire sentence isn’t it! Haha)

We’re not actually launching any members anywhere, except perhaps into our NEW OUTDOOR SPACE…


It’s here, its finally here! Its not taken long in the making but the anticipation of its grand opening has just been too much for some to wait (we know a few of you have been treated to a class or 2 outside already! Cheeky!).

The official launch day of ActivZones new class & PT area ‘TheZone’ is WEDNESDAY 15th MAY!

To celebrate, even if you’re (not yet) a GOLD Member, come on down on WEDNESDAY 15th & join in one of our classes absolutely FREE!

Check out our fabulous class timetable & be sure to book in at reception to avoid disappointment!


It’s back! For the 3rd year running, ActivZones ‘YOU vs SUNFLOWER’ competition starts THIS WEDNESDAY 1st MAY!

Buy your 3 pack of sunflower seeds from reception for just £3, plant them, feed them, encourage them to grow to your best ability using any technique you like & if, in 12 weeks, your sunflower has grown the tallest (competition ends end of September) you will WIN 1 YEAR FREE ACTIVZONE MEMBERSHIP!

(*12 weeks starts from that day you purchase your seeds. Seeds can be purchased 1st May – 30th June. Competition results will be announced in our October Newsletter)


Whilst we’re on the subject of winning FREE MEMBERSHIPS, these 3 lucky folks took part in our annual Easter Egg Hunt over the Easter weekend/Bank holidays & all bagged themselves 1 MONTH FREE Membership!


***Hannah S***

***Caroline H***

***Bence C***


This month our award for most attended Member goes to a very familiar face in our Mid-Morning classes.

This gentleman has previously been awarded for being one of our longest ever standing Members of ActivZone & it gives us great pleasure to see that after all these years he’s still going strong & keeping up a consistent & regular training plan with us here at ActivZone!


It really is great catching up with you most mornings & seeing you still enjoying your training with us!


Gosh, 2 last month & another 2 this month… you guys are spoilt for days off (if you’re lucky enough to be able to enjoy them!)

Well as usual we are OPEN both bank holidays, but with slightly reduced hours & no classes/programme bookings available:

MONDAY 6TH MAY – 9am-5pm

MONDAY 27TH MAY – 9am-5pm

We hope you’re all having a great year so far, it seems to be flying by for us here at ActivZone with so much happening every month.

See you all soon,

Ejay & The AZ Team ��c�p0:5�b�

ActivZone Newsletter April 2019

ActivZone Newsletter April 2019

What happened? Did I blink? Have a longer than usual nap? What ever it was, March just disappeared! Hello April!

April is ALWAYS a super ‘Egg’-citing month for us all here at ActivZone & this year is no ‘Egg-ception’.

We’ve a lot to shout about, its no ‘yolk’! So, let’s get ‘cracking’…


Lets start this on a high.. high attendance that is! Upping her game to twice a day during the week & with a strong consistent workout routine, we’ve seen the transformation in this lady with our own eyes!

Our fabulous Member of The Month for April is…..


You are KILLING IT Girl!! Keep up the hard work, it really is paying off!


Woohoo team-no-days-off includes us!! We’re not closing over the Easter Bank Holidays, but we are adjusting the opening hours a fraction. See below so as not to turn up out of hours..



Now this is worth getting egg-cited about! Every year ActivZone run our legendary Easer Egg Hunt, this year is no egg-ception! It’s happening across the 4-day weekend (Good Friday – Easter Monday inclusive) with cracking prizes to be won! Here’s the info:

4 days, each day 3 mini Easter eggs will be hidden in & around ActivZone, each egg representing a different prize, including 1x 1 Month FREE MEMBERSHIP every day!! Or you could just win your found egg as a little Easter treat.

Who’s in? Ready, Steady… SCRAMBLE!!!


We know, we get asked EVERY YEAR ‘Why are you giving away cakes in a gym where you promote healthy living/nutrition?’ I’ll tell you why! Because a healthy lifestyle is all about a healthy balance! Keep your healthy foods at home & make good food choices where possible, but don’t deprive yourself! If you want a FREE TASTEY TREAT in the form of CAKE, then by joe were going to give it to you, as you should allow yourselves every now & then!

Want to take part?

Simply donate your home-made favourites or even shop bought goodies to us on GOOD FRIDAY 19th APRIL, & we’ll share them with everyone via our cake table! Please remember to label anything that may contain allergens (Nuts etc) if you have baked them yourself, we don’t want a tasty treat to be someone’s last!


This is HUGE news!


& downright incredible!

Have you seen it yet? NO???

That’s because we’ve created a little hidden gem (apart from ActivZone itself but then you all found us eventually!) It’s a 2 second walk from our front door & is about to take your ActivClasses & Personal Training Sessions to a whole new level of awesomeness throughout the Spring & Summer months!

ActivZone proudly introduce… ***TheZone***

‘TheZone’ is ActivZones new OUTDOOR class & personal training zone.

With a training rig, tyres, sled pulling space, anchor points, battle ropes & an incredible class instructor or PT with you at all times, your ActivZone workout is going to evolve into a whole new experience!

Please Note: For safety & insurance purposes, ‘TheZone’ is only permitted for use whilst taking part in ActivZone’s scheduled classes or as part of your Personal Training Session. Access to ‘TheZone’ is not permitted for general Gym usage.

To find out how you can be a part of it, ask the team how you can upgrade to GOLD & get personal training & classes included as part of your Membership for as little as only £8 extra per month!


Let’s get down to business:

  • Hosted by our in-house Personal Trainer Alvin
  • Launching 2nd May’19.
  • ONLY £99 for full 6-week course
  • Initial Consultation
  • 1x weekly Class – Thursdays @ 19:15pm-20:15pm within ‘TheZone’ (weather permitting)
  • Personalised Programme
  • Weekly Progress Check-up
  • Unlimited Instructor Support throughout the course

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Members & Non-Members Welcome. Limited availability. Apply at ActivZone reception.

I don’t think we could squeeze any more into this months Newsletter if we tried, it would Eggs-plode! And is without doubt our most eggs-travagant one so far this year!

Okay, okay, no more Easter puns I promise, I’m done!

See you all soon,

Ejay & Your AZ Team                                                                                                                                                                                      \���P��

ActivZone Newsletter March 2019

Never fear March is here & this month marks the start of SPRING! With lots of little reminders in the form of spring flowers popping up out of the ground almost everywhere you turn & the warmer climate we’ve already been treated to, its hard not to get into that sunshiny feeling already!

We’ve not got a huge amount to shout about this month, but sometimes less is more….


With a whopping 30+ attendances in February, not just doing her own thing but attending ActivClasses too, it gives us great pleasure to award our Member of The Month to….


Rachel has been a member with us for over 7years & has always been a happy & consistent member of our ActivZone Family! Well Done Rachel!


Last month we told you about Fit to Present which will be taking place this Sunday within ActivZone, with only a few days to go & spaces still available to book, here’s a little reminder of what’s going on:

‘Fit to Present at ActivZone is a fun, interactive session combining physical relaxation techniques with the Winning with Words coaching program. Preparing you mentally and physically to communicate with confidence and persuasion.

At Fit to Present, you will learn essential techniques to help you to:

*Prepare and develop a clear & persuasive presentation;

*Deliver that presentation either one-to-one or to larger groups. An ActivZone professional will help you to learn to relax and prepare physically for a confident delivery.

All participants will receive:

*A free Decathlon 10L backpack

*10% discount off any course booked directly with Winning with Words

Fit to Present will take place at ActivZone SUNDAY 3rd MARCH 14:00PM-18:30PM

Cost: £25 for ActivZone Members & £35 for non-members.

Ask the team for a leaflet & to book!’


Good Gyms deserve good reviews! & who else better to provide honest feedback than our wonderful members!

If you have 5 spare minutes (or even 2 will do) & you happen to be browsing the web, pop on to GOOGLE, search ‘ActivZone Gym Guildford’ & click on ‘leave a review’

It can be as little or as long as you like, but whatever you write we would really appreciate you doing so. Just sharing the love of your love for your gym!

We said it would be short & sweet, much like last month, so that’s all we have to offer.

No less important I’m sure you will agree!

See you soon,

Ejay & your AZ Team.

ActivZone’s February 2019 Newsletter

Brrrrr! Welcome to freezing fff-February’s newsletter! We’re going to attempt to make things a little warmer & cozier in your club this month, to keep you active & feeling fit in the frost.

Although a slightly shorter month, we’re not short of ideas to share the love & that is the theme for the coming 28 days ahead….



Feeling the love for your friends, family or partners this Valentines month?! We want you to be able to share your love of ActivZone with your nearest & dearest. So, for the month of February, you can bring your favourite human along with you to your sessions & that chosen human can use ActivZone for FREE all month. (Please note: 1 person per member only. Access for your chosen one is only permitted at the time you yourself will be using ActivZones facilities)



Thursday February 14th is VALENTINES DAY, & so to really get into the spirit of things, your normal scheduled classes will be ever so slightly more….coupley.

Your class instructors will be paring you up & getting you working out in 2’s throughout the sessions! Want to make it a little ‘steamier’? 😉 (nothing naughty here, we just know you’ll work out even harder if you’re showing your friends how hard you REALLY workout! Haha) Bring your bestest friend, partner or family member along & work out with them. As it’s valentines we’ll let them join in for FREE*! But please do remember to book in advance to avoid disappointment! (*Valentines Day only)



Did you know ActivZone has a JOINT GOLD Membership? It’s our best one yet! It’s perfect for 2 people who share a love of fitness & want to get the full package but don’t want to pay the full price!

Yep, that’s right! Join up with a friend/loved one/family member or even work colleague & you’ll both get the FULL GOLD Package with a saving of £7 per month! (£3.50 saving each off the individual GOLD membership price) Even if you’re already members & want to upgrade, simply speak to myself or Alicia & we’ll be able to change this over for you with no hassle!

Plus, you’ll both get full access to ALL of the following:

Access to the Gym

Access to all classes

Body Stat Tests

Tailor-made Training Plans every 6 weeks

Bodireel Personal Training & Programme App

Weekly Small Group Personal Training Sessions (Saturdays & Sundays Only)




Have you seen our little trophy wall ready for you yet? Have you been using your Membership card on every visit & using your ActivZone membership to the full?

Well, this member certainly has…

MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to our first Member of the month for 2019…


We LOVE having you, not only as a member, but as a friend of ActivZone Gym. Your presence & dedication does not go unnoticed & we think you’re a real credit to your gym & your fellow gym members. WELL DONE!



Fit to Present at ActivZone is a fun, interactive session combining physical relaxation techniques with the Winning with Words coaching program. Preparing you mentally and physically to communicate with confidence and persuasion.

At Fit to Present, you will learn essential techniques to help you to:

*Prepare and develop a clear & persuasive presentation;

*Deliver that presentation either one-to-one or to larger groups. An ActivZone professional will help you to learn to relax and prepare physically for a confident delivery.


All participants will receive:

*A free Decathlon 10L backpack

*10% discount off any course booked directly with Winning with Words


Fit to Present will take place at ActivZone SUNDAY 3rd MARCH 14:00PM-18:30PM

Cost: £25 for ActivZone Members & £35 for non-members.

Ask the team for a leaflet & to book!



Aww what a LOVELY month! Well I think it is! January seemed to be 365days long on its own, so I’m pleased to be on to this next exciting month of 2019 & all we have to offer in it.

Any questions, bookings, upgrades or further information needed, please do not hesitate to see your ActivZone Team who will always be happy to assist.

See you all soon, & don’t forget to travel safely & wrap up warm on your journeys to & from ActivZone!

Ejay & your ActivZone Team x



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