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ActivZone’s January Newsletter 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! We hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, enjoying all the festivities & maybe a few too many glasses of fizz & mince pies! But it’s a new year now & the team are ready & waiting to help you reach those new years fitness goals no matter how big or small they may be!

New Year, New Classes!

We’re always looking to improve your AZ Class Timetable as & when it needs it. & as most of you know, most of our classes are EXTREMELY popular! Some…. Not so much ☹

So, we’ve had a little change up & given your timetable a slightly new look…

*Monday Night FLEXIBILTY @ 7pm has been CANCELLED & been replaced with PHYSIQUE DEVELOPMENT

*Wednesday Night BOXFIT @ 7:15PM has been CANCELLED & replaced with PHYSIQUE DEVELOPMENT

What is Physique Development?

Designed to target specific muscle groups each week, Physique Development employs a vast array of bodybuilding and strength training techniques suitable from beginner to advanced individuals to develop the size, shape and symmetry of skeletal muscle for an improved physique.

During the 45-minute class you will be taken through an effective warm up priming the muscles to be used and the movements to be executed in the coming session followed by 30-40 minutes training focused solely on muscular development.

  • 45 minutes
  • Build muscle
  • Increase strength
  • Shape your physique
  • Target specific muscle groups
  • One to two muscle groups per session
  • Coached through advanced training techniques
  • Learn how to train most effectively while developing your ideal physique
  • Open to all levels of strength training experience

As always, your feedback is important to us, so why not give your new classes a go & let us know what you think!

What’s in your GOLD Membership?!

GOLD!! Sounds expensive right? It’s really not, but it is just as FABULOUS as the real thing!

It’s MASSIVE! Absolutely PACKED with everything you could need to reach every fitness goal you could imagine!

Not a GOLD Member? NO PROBLEM! From as little as £8* extra per month you could receive all of the following…

*WEEKLY 30minute Personal Training Sessions, Every Saturday/Sunday with our in-house PT’s Ollie & James

*DAILY Fitness Classes (exc.Sundays) Over 30 Classes to choose from EVERY WEEK! We really do have something for everyone

*Tailor-made Training Plans – Whether it be fat loss, toning/muscle building, rehabilitation, improve cardio endurance or MORE, our in-house Personal Trainers can create the PERFECT plan for you.

*Body Composition Tests – Want to know what that number on the scales REALLY means about you? Step on our Tanita scales & let our PT’s tell you what you’re really made of! BodyFat%, Water%, Muscle%, Visceral Fat & Metabolic Age! Perfect to have with your Tailored Plan to create a workout that will target the areas you need it most!

*Bodireel Training App – Keeping your workout on your phone & updating your progress at the tap of an app has never been easier!

Ask the team how you can UPGRADE on your next visit & watch your goals become easier to reach than ever before!


Equipment Share & Gym Etiquette

With our ever growing Member numbers & unfortunately not so expanding gym floor, We‘d like to kindly ask all you lovely people that at busier times (& even not so busy hours) you share equipment if required during your workouts.

We understand that some of you are only able to get in for your workouts for 30 mins a day & so waiting for someone else to finish 4+ sets with 3-4min rests is not always possible.

Therefore, if you find a new or regular user asking ‘how many sets do you have left?’, Please just offer them to ‘jump in’ during rest periods. This will help to accommodate us all & improve your workout experience! We all know there’s nothing worse than having someone hovering around you waiting/rushing you to finish your last few sets/reps!

On that note, who likes a messy gym? Who likes having to hunt to find your usual piece of workout equipment because its not in the correct place? Enjoy stepping over sweaty mats left on the floor? Sitting on a seat with the last users bottom print still steaming? NO?! We didn’t think so either!

Please clean & put away ALL equipment after use to avoid all of the above being found in your club ????  Thank-you.

We’re all so excited to see you all back in your club again this year & welcome all our new ActivZone Members to our ever-growing AZ Family!

See you all soon!

Ejay & The AZ Team x

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