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ActivZone’s Newsletter August’17

August has arrived, our gym manager Alicia has returned from her hol’s & has got straight back into the swing of things with bringing your Class Timetable back up to speed & Ollie & I finally feel whole again!

This month’s newsletter is more for reminders & notices, but still just as important to keep you in the loop of what’s happening in your gym.


Membership Security Update

Here at ActivZone we take the security of your personal details very seriously & so, to protect your membership that little bit more, we’re updating your personal profile on our system with your photo I.D.

You may have received an email or text from us asking you to check with reception on your next visit, if not & you’re unsure if we have your photo I.D, please check with us & we’ll get it set up for you. Don’t worry, it literally takes a minute! And you don’t even have to be looking your best, no one else will see it except us, promise!


Weekly Locker Clear Out – Usage Reminder

As you know, ActivZone although small, prides itself in being able to provide a clean & plentiful locker facility for you to safely store your belongings whilst working-out (Ladies, we are working on getting the ‘Lock-System’ updated for you as quickly as possible). However, it’s becoming more & more common that members are using the lockers to store their belongings on a nightly & in some cases WEEKLY basis.

As you can imagine, this is extremely unhygienic & unsightly for both new & existing members of ActivZone. Storage of this kind also prevents our new cleaning team from being able to complete their duties, meaning your changing facilities are not being cleaned to their maximum potential.

Therefore, we must remind ALL Members that the lockers are only permitted for use whilst you are working-out.

We have now bought back our weekly Locker Clearance Policy, where-by ANY items left within lockers by close of business on a Friday Night will be removed.

This means padlocks will be cut where required.

Any items then not claimed by the end of each month will be donated to charity along with our Lost-Property collection.


Personal Trainer of The Month

He’s fresh, he’s new & he knows just what he’s do….ing! (Sorry, I’ve never been very good at rhyming!)

But it’s true, let me introduce you to one of our newest Freelance Personal Trainers, Tom Saunders….

“I’ve been in the fitness industry for 6 years. I have a big belief in how people should train and the best ways to keep strong and healthy. My specialty is general injury and sport injury rehabilitation, I studied at Chichester university and received my BSc Hons in 2012. Injury or no injury everyone should enjoy fitness and becoming stronger whatever your goals. I like to have fun on the gym floor and have a wind up. Training should be enjoyable and you should feel comfortable with the people you train with and next to, to get more out your sessions. For advice or training tips for injuries or general strength training, come and grab me off the gym floor or contact me on 07908916454.”


Sunflower Competition – Measurements Required

For all of you who took part in our YOU vs SUNFLOWER competition, Your 90 days is nearly up!

We will be contacting you all individually over the next 8 weeks to ask you to post your sunflower pics with measurements on to our Facebook page.

Remember, to qualify you must take a picture of your sunflower next to the tape-measure, measuring from MUD to top of the tallest LEAF or head of the Sunflower.

At the end of September, we will have completed our competition & will be announcing the WINNER of 1 YEAR FREE MEMBERSHIP!

It’s your last push to reach your personal goals & show your growing skills!

Good Luck!


ZUMBA & YOGA Class Update

Attendees of ZUMBA & YOGA, sadly as you know, during times of School Holidays’ ActivZone loses the use of the Dance Studio within the College.

This means disruption to your weekly Zumba & Yoga Classes.

However, we have spoken with both Sarah & Sara (our instructors) who have agreed to the following changes throughout August ONLY…

ZUMBA – Will still be available on Tuesdays @ 6;30pm, Weather permitting, as this will be taken outside. We will try our up-most to keep you informed of any cancellations with plenty of notice.

YOGA – This has been moved to SUNDAYS @ 8am within ActivZone in our functional training area. Please note, Sara is only available on the following dates due to other work commitments: Sunday August 13th& 20th & Sunday 3rd September.


Bank Holiday Reminder

August is here which means another potential wet Bank Holiday is upon us.

Please remember that there are NO Classes available for booking on Bank Holidays but we are open…



That’s a wrap! Talking of wraps, make sure you remember to take your Coats, Umbrella’s, Wellies, Sunhats & Sun cream with Flip-Flops out with you wherever August takes you! If July is anything to go by, you’ll need all of the above within a matter of minutes of each other!

See you soon!

Ejay & the AZ Team

ActivZone’s Newsletter July 2017

Well, Summer was nice while it lasted, wasn’t it?!     :-/    Hopefully it will return for a little longer!

& just like the earths attempt at summer, as will be this months newsletter, short & sweet, but that’s not to say it’s not packed with very important information!

So let’s begin…

Staff Holiday = Temporary Changes to our Class Timetable

As you know, Great Britain is throwing a not-so-great attempt at providing the nicer weather, & so, like most people, our super hard-working team are seeking warmer climates elsewhere! & rightly so!

Over a few weeks in July (Wednesday 5th-Wednesday 19th), our lovely Manager Alicia is taking a well-earned break, & as a result, our in-house Personal Trainer Ollie will be covering as many of the classes as possible.

Please bear in mind that as we are such a small team who offer such a HUGE class Timetable, during times of Staff Absence, we have to make a few temporary changes/class cancellations to keep your club running as smoothly as possible & not ‘burn Ollie out’ (Bless him!).

These changes can be seen on your Class Booking App (activzone.clubm.mobi), but if you are unsure you can always ask the team who will be happy to confirm which classes are available.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but Thank-you for your patience & understanding.

YOU vs Sunflower Competition – NO MORE ENTRIES!

Did you manage to get your Sunflower Pack before the end of June? Still not sure if winning 1 YEAR FREE MEMBERSHIP was for you? Well don’t worry if you didn’t & now wish you’d given it a go, there’s always next year!

For those of you who took the plunge into your own personal competition between YOU vs SUNFLOWER, Now is your time to grow, Grow, GROW!

We’ll be contacting you all on your 12week deadlines to get your Sunflower Measurements with proof pictures, & any personal achievements you’d like to share, so that at the end of September we can see who grew the TALLEST Sunflower & has earned their 1 YEAR FREE MEMBERSHIP!

In the meantime, head over to our ActivZone Facebook page & upload your current SUNFLOWER progress pics, measurements should be taken from MUD to top of your tallest flower head. (I’ve uploaded mine as an example for you to see… I’m not boasting about its FANTASTIC growth spurt… I promise 😛 )

Personal Trainer of the Month

This month it’s a turn for a face who most of you will have seen by now. I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s either part of the furniture OR he just camps out in the carpark between clients as I swear he is ALWAYS on the gym floor putting his huge variety of clients through their own personal progression sessions.

Loud & lively as you like, it’s our freelance Personal Trainer, Alvin Simkins:

“Becoming a Personal Trainer is, unfortunately, far too easy. You can become a ‘coach’ just by having an Instagram account& qualify as a ‘PT’ without ever having step foot in a gym.”

“That is not who I am. I Have grafted hard to learn my trade, in the gym dealing with real people and getting real, realistic & sustainable results.”

“I believe a good Personal Trainer is a good person. It’s not always about fitness, sometimes it could be that talk or bit of advice between sets that makes the difference. Wellbeing as a whole is as important to me as any exercise. To see how we can work together, get in touch. Alvin. “

That’s it, I’m done here!

Keep on Growing those Sunflowers & reaching those personal & fitness targets! We’re so proud of each & every one of our ActivZone family, it’s really inspiring to see so many of you achieving your goals & improving each & every month!

Have a great July!

Ejay & The ActivZone Team x

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