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ActivZone Newsletter June 2017

How is it JUNE already?! This year is absolutely flying by for the team here at ActivZone!

Summer is well & truly upon us now & I hope you’ve all been enjoying the fabulous weather so far, I know we have!

Whilst I’m on the subject of sun…

You vs Sunflower Competition:

You may have seen on our Facebook page that the Team & a few of our members have already planted their Sunflower seeds, & are already seeing results with their seedlings & themselves!

Don’t worry if you haven’t got yours yet, you can still purchase your Sunflower Pack from reception right up until the end of June to be in with the chance to win 1 YEARS FREE MEMBERSHIP!

The only real competition here is between YOU & your sunflower, see how much you can change in 12weeks!

New ‘stuff’…

I LOVE shopping & receiving new things.. & receiving new things for the gym is no exception to this!

I was soo excited to have our Drinking Water Fountain installed a few weeks ago! It couldn’t have come at a better time! Working out is thirsty work on a ‘normal’ day in England, but with this warmer weather, a super chilled bottle of water during a workout couldn’t be better! If you’ve not yet seen it, its situated by reception on our ‘Meet The Team’ wall.

& That’s not all, we’ve had a little delivery of some BIG red SLAM balls to the functional training area! Ranging from 7-15kgs these will certainly add a little more impact to your training!

Into your free-weights? You’re not forgotten about either, you may have noticed another shiny new OLYMPIC BAR there for you to use! So now you can squat, press & deadlift (among many other exercises to be done with an Olympic bar!) without having to pair up quite so much!

We’re always looking into your Gym to see what needs a little upgrade &/or something new to help change up your workouts, so if there is anything you’d like us to look into, please feel free to let the team know & we will put your ideas across!

Personal Trainer of the Month:

As you may know, ActivZone is not only home to our fabulous in-house PT’s, but we also open our doors to freelance/external Personal Trainers… & this month it’s one of their turns to tell you a little about themselves. But first (in my best Stig from Top Gear impression)

Some say he only comes out in the mornings…. Others say he’s like ‘The BIG Green Giant’ (Personally I just think he’s rather tall & wears a green T-Shirt as part of his uniform… but that’s just my opinion 😉 hehe!)

Let me introduce you to Rupert Quiney:

“I created Bodysmart Personal Training to provide an affordable service that allows clients to maximise health and potential. By assessing biomechanics and posture defects, at Bodysmart exercises are prescribed to promote correct and efficient movement, allowing clients to train more effectively to their needs.

New Class Update & Important Reminder

Well, what a FANTASTIC turn around the new class timetable has been for Wednesday evenings!

The new YOGA class with Sara has been fully booked since day 1! & Ollie’s Strength & Conditioning Class has also proven to be extremely popular! We’re so pleased to see how much you’re all loving the change up!

Don’t forget, classes can be booked up to 6 days in advance via your web browser activzone.clubm.mobi

Whilst we’re on the subject of bookings, I need to send out a polite but firm reminder to all class participants about cancellations.

As the classes are so popular, if, for whatever reason, you are unable to attend, classes MUST be cancelled at the earliest convenience.

Last minute cancellations are absolutely fine, as a lot of members on our waiting lists are usually in-club in case a place becomes available. Classes can be cancelled via text,activzone.clubm.mobi , facebook & by phone.

Unfortunately, due to the regular & increasing amount of ‘no shows’ we have had to put a Class Suspension procedure in place. If a member fails to attend/cancel their classes, a text will be sent to kindly remind them of the missed class & failure to cancel. Should a ‘no show’ happen again, a 1 WEEK Booking Suspension will be put onto the members account, making them unable to attend & book classes for the next 7 days.

Sorry to end it on a sour note, but it is all for positive reasons, we want everyone to be able to attend where possible & to get the most from their ActivZone Memberships.

Now, go out there and enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts! This is England after all, it may not be here for long!

See you in club soon!

Ejay & The AZ Team

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