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Flexibility – How important is it?

Flexibilty – How important is it?

On the week beginning the 4th of April we are introducing a FLEXIBILITY class here at ActivZone Gym. It will be based on the principles of yoga/pilates focusing on stretching and strengthening your entire body.

But why is it important to be flexible?

Flexibility is one of the first things to go as your bodies enter adulthood unless you keep up with your stretching routines. In order to remain flexible, we constantly need to be on top of stretching via yoga/Pilates and or other type stretch routine. Athletes especially need to be conscious about flexibility to avoid injury. As we exercise our muscles shorten which will make them appear more pronounced and will give you that ‘pump’ feeling. In order to avoid injury, maintain a good posture and avoid lactic acid build up we need to lengthen our muscles through our stretching routines after we exercise. In turn, lengthening our muscles will also help you increase muscle size when you do your strength training.

What are the benefits of being flexible?

  • Decreased risk of Injury
  • Improved posture
  • Reduced lower back pain
  • Increased blood flow and nutrients to soft tissues
  • Better overall health and vitality

Want to come along to ActivZone’s NEW Flexibility class? Book now for our first class on Saturday the 9th of April at 9am-9.45am. Visit activzone.clubm.mobi in your web browser or call 01483 448666 to book in club. As always maximum numbers apply so do not miss out! Remember Student & Silver members/Non-members, you can try out any first class for FREE.

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