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ActivZone’s NEW Suspension Training Class

Find out why you should participate in ActivZone’s NEW Suspenion Training Class…

We have introduced a brand NEW Suspension training class here at ActivZone Gym and want you to know the reason why this class is the one to attend. Suspension training was developed by the Navy SEALs as an easy, transportable way to keep in shape when on tour, however, you don’t have to be in tip top shape to attend one of ActivZone’s Suspension Training Classes. The concept of suspension training is very basic; you have two cables, held by your hands or feet, to partially suspend your body off the ground, using your own body weight as a resistance. This allows you to determine the difficulty of the exercise by the position of your body on the cables. Suspension training is for all abilities, beginner to top athlete. Here are 5 reasons as to why you should attend one of ActivZone’s Suspension Training Classes…

1.       It’s for anyone – Suspension Training can be used to help reach any goal, whether it’s weight loss, muscles building, core strengthening   or conditioning towards a marathon.

  1. It’s beginner friendly – It’s easy to tweak exercises to your own level of difficulty and ability as you determine how easy or hard you want to make it by the positioning of your body. This makes it easy for complete beginners and advanced athletes to work out side by side.
  2. The cardio/strength training combination – The Suspension trainer targets different parts of your body whilst also raising your heart beat making you tap into your aerobic/anaerobic thresholds.
  3. You will never get bored – The suspension trainer can be used in infinite ways. This means that you can chop and change your workout forcing you to challenge yourself each time you use the suspension trainer.
  4. It doesn’t stop working your core – The instability of the suspension straps forces you to engage your core to keep your body stable while exercising allowing you to have an effective core workout along with any other muscles that you are targeting.

Want to try our BRAND NEW suspension class on Friday’s, 6pm-6.45pm or 7pm-7.45pm? Visit activzone.clubm.mobi in your web browser or call 01483 448666. FREE for all PLATINUM/GOLD members, £5 pay as you go for SILVER/STUDENT & non-members.


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